look like barbie, act like a bitch;* Baby you light up my world like nobody else<3 express yourself


I want to die. Life has pushed me over the fucking edge so many more times today than I could even begin to handle. I’m done.


maybe my times sooner than it should have been…..just a thought..
(my original photo just blended it together with another) my edit 

When I die, Fuck it, I want to go to hell, cause I’m a piece of shit it ain’t hard to fucking tell!

Well he has a point…http://rage-comics-base.tumblr.com

My new nails are to die for!! #pinksp4rkles #nailporn #nails #pinksparkles #glitter #acrylic #pink #lifeofabarbie #glitteraddict
βяιαииα Ƶɛɛʓиικ